The background I have received is not like the one in the picture

Please, consider that each monitor is calibrated in a different way. And colour may be seen differently in person.
All our backgrounds have passed an exhaustive quality control before we sent them. 
Backgrounds are printed in CMYK and, in monitors, images are seen in RGB.
Because of that, he background may be seen differently; even though there is a minimal difference, normally there are no problems. 
As you buy one of our backgrouds, you are accepting this terms .
No reimbursement will be done for this reason. 

What measures do 'Floor and wall backgrouds' have?

Floor and wall backgroud do not have a fixed measure. They depend on the design of each backgroud.
Measures are in proportion to the image of each background.
Take into account that, in some models, there is just a little floor. To have floor enough for a person/baby to be atop, you shall choose a background with a floor big enough or a floor and a wall and combine them.

Can I return a background?

Backgrounds are made on order and cannot be returned. Only backgrounds in poor states returns would be accepted.

What material are backgrounds made of?

New backgrounds are made of canvas, with a thickness of 500 g/m2, super matte, durable and waterproof.
Some models may be used both as a wall and as a floor. Others, as floor+wall as an unique background.

How long does it take for the background to be ready?

The preparation time is from 3 to 5 working days.

How the measures are expressed?

Backgrounds' measures are in centimetres. The first number is the width and the, second one, the lenght.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.