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Each session deserves a special dedication and we put all our care and enthusiasm. What better than to personalise and decorate each of them with a different accessory that makes each shot unique? In this category, you will find a wide variety of accessories to complement all types of photo shoots:

  • a wide range of accessories to decorate.
  • decorative products to complement all your scenarios.

In addition, in this section you will find a series of products that will allow you to complement your studio:

  • the indispensable Baby Shusher, ideal to help babies and newborn falling asleep during photo sessions.
  • sets of small hangersto hang and organise all your newborn and baby clothes.
  • Clampsto adjust the fabrics for bean bag to the backdrop stand work with the bean bag.
  • our stand case, for the fixed and the adjustable stands: the case that you were looking for to take the frame wherever you go...

Do not hesitate to choose your favorites to get the most out of your sessions!