Studio background, printed on opaque and matte canvas, water resistant. This product is flexible, ideal for hanging or placing on the floor. This product is sent rolled to avoid any eventual wrinkle. Due to its measures, this fund is perfect for your communion sessions.

Easy to place, in the studio or for in-location sessions. It can be transported easily rolled up; for this, you can use the tube in which we send it. This tube also serves to store it in your studio.

This background does not have any mechanism to hang it. If you wish, you can buy yours with an Aretón, it is a 'hem' that goes in the upper part of the background through which you can insert a tube to hang  (ideal for use with background stands).

Material: 500 g / m2 canvas.

Total measurement: 300 cm x 180 cm. This background always keeps the same proportion: 1/3 of floor plus 2/3 of wall:
Floor: 100 cm.
Wall: 200 cm.

IMPORTANT: the production time of the funds is 3 to 5 business days plus the shipping period.

ATTENTION: with the purchase of this product, you agree to be in agreement and have read the characteristics of our study funds. You can find the specific conditions in this link.