Made with 100% natural wool, these flokatis are perfect for all kinds of sessions, a must that can not be missed at any studio.

  • We have three sizes available:
      1. Large: 160 cm x 120 cm.
      2. Medium: 70 cm x 50 cm.
      3. Small: 50 cm x 40 cm.
  • 100% natural Greek wool.
  • Washable, to give it an infinitely longer life.
  • With a density of 1500 g/m2, to provide greater comfort and convenience for the little ones.
  • Also, there are some three-unit packs in offer.

Perfect for being used as a background, if you work with the bean bag (can be adjusted with the clamps without any problem) as a base under a bed or stand, or to fill any bowl...

Note: for their return, the flokatis must be in their original closed packaging.