The company: Atrezo Foto Infantil SL, tax identification number (N.I.F) B91976654, registered at "El Registro Mercantil de Sevilla”, Volume 5460, 1st entry of page 186, under the form SE-91752. 
Address: Poligono Ind La Chaparrilla, Calle A, Nave 13. 41016, Seville - Spain.
From this point onward, the above company shall be referred to as THE SELLER.
Buying any products from the online store at the website requires that these terms and conditions for sales be read and accepted by the purchaser. Buying from this website and the act of making any type of order implies that the buyer has read and accepted these terms and conditions for sales. This act of accepting is the equivalent to a digital signature. 

These general conditions for sales aim to define the rights and obligations of both parties regarding the online sale of goods offered by the seller to the customer. 

Confirmation of Orders
After placing an order, an email will be sent to the address indicated by the customer containing all information related to the order.

Confirmation and Proof of Payment
Data stored digitally by THE SELLER, protected by the appropriate security measures, is considered proof of communications, orders and payments between the buyer and THE SELLER. 
Proof of purchases can be created from purchase orders and invoices which will be stored over the long term in a reliable manner.

Product Descriptions
All efforts have been made to guarantee the accuracy of the information at concerning products and suppliers. However the website is not responsible for any type of damage or incident related to the electronic transmission of information, or for the accuracy of information conveyed, even when THE SELLER is aware of the possibility of such damage or incident. The names and brands of products and manufacturers are only used for identification. None of the photos, descriptions or prices are contractually binding. 

Period for which Offers and Prices Are Valid
Special offers, promotions or discounts will be valid until the date indicated, or until the number of units associated with the offer has reached zero. Prices are as stated on the website at the time of consultation. 

Transport Costs and Delivery
Products are delivered to the address provided by the buyer on the order form. Products are only delivered to locations specified under delivery options.
All products are sent in perfect condition. The customer should notify the delivery company (or the postman) of even the smallest sign of damage or impact (holes, scratches, any indication of crushing etc.) evident on the packaging at the time of delivery. When appropriate, the customer should refuse delivery. An identical product will be sent without charge. 
If no type of damage is reported at the time of delivery, it will not be possible to later change a product on the provision that it was damaged in transport.
As with any kind of shipment, delays and losses are possible. In such a case, the delivery company will be contacted in order to locate the package. All efforts will be made, for as long as it takes, to locate the package. If required, the website will be reimbursed by the delivery company and an identical package will be delivered free of charge. 
We deny any responsibility for problems with deliveries as caused by the delivery company, especially in the case of lost products, the weather, or strikes. 

Problems with Delivery on Behalf of the Delivery Company
The customer should make THE SELLER aware, on the day of delivery or, when it would be the soonest possibility afterwards, the next working day, of any problems or claim owing to a mistake with the delivery and/or owing to any mismatch of products delivered with regard to the information provided in the order, or problems with the quality of the product delivered. 
After this period, any claims will be denied. This type of claim should be directed to THE SELLER via the EMAIL ADDRESS of THE SELLER. The customer should send a copy of the letter to the EMAIL ADDRESS of THE SELLER. Without this, no change of product will be possible.

Delivery Error
The customer should make THE SELLER aware, on the day of delivery or, when it would be the soonest possibility afterwards, the next working day, of any problems or claims owing to a mistake with the delivery and/or owing to any mismatch of products delivered compared to what was requested on the order form.
After this period, any claims will be denied. This type of claim should be directed to THE SELLER via the EMAIL ADDRESS of THE SELLER. 
Any claims made under the previously mentioned rules, after the period indicated, will not be considered and customers will not be able to hold THE SELLER responsible. 
With any delivery errors, or product exchange errors, any products due for exchange or return should be returned to THE SELLER with everything which was sent in the original order, in the original packaging, in original undamaged condition, to THE SELLER'S ADDRESS.
Shipping will be paid by THE SELLER, unless it is proven that the product does not correspond with the original claim made by the customer, so that the exchange is carried out correctly. 

Period for Returns
The period for the return of goods, as granted to the customer by law, is fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery. During this period, the customer can return at his o her own cost, with no penalty, product(s) which are not desired.

In such a case, the customer can choose either: a refund of the amount paid, for the product(s) returned, or to exchange the product(s) for something else. It should be understood that product(s) returned, at the buyer's cost, must be in the same condition as when sent by THE SELLER. The price of the product purchased will only be considered for exchange or refund, if the product(s) are returned complete, in original packaging, and in near-original condition. No return will be accepted if you have not contacted us first by email to obtain a return number (for reference of your return). Any packages returned without a return number (DMA) will be rejected. If this agreement is not met, THE SELLER will reject all incorrectly returned products, or packages without a return number (DMA). In any case, the risks and costs of returns are on behalf of the client. 
Returns should be sent to THE SELLER'S ADRESS. The right to return a product cannot be exercised when: products are returned incomplete, deteriorated, damaged or dirty, due to the customer, and henceforth the customer should not be disappointed with a reduced price offered for the returned goods. When the product has been accepted, a refund will be issued.

If a product is delivered to a customer in bad condition, THE SELLER will pay for the return of the faulty item, and the delivery of a new replacement.

Damaged Products / Mistakes / Imperfections

In the event of receiving a damaged product, a product with any imperfection or something wrong, you have to contact us within the first 24 hours.
For damages or imperfections, we have to present a claim before our shipping insurance, and we only have 24 hours. If you contact us after that period, we cannot present any claim or be liable for the damages.

Intellectual Property Rights
The use of brands registered on this website is strictly prohibited.

Force Majeure
Neither party shall be held responsible for the partial or total failure to comply with, or delay in complying with, his or her obligations as implied by this contract, to the extent that such failure or delay is caused by external factors out of his or her control (Force Majeure). Such factors could include, but are not limited to; war, riots, severe problems with the security of the internet, technical faults, unauthorized access to and/or attacks on the servers which host the website, labor strikes of any kind, and faults with phone networks or computers. If one party wishes to claim Force Majeure, they should notify the other party within the period of ten (10) working days, just before or after, the occurrence of such a claim. Both parties agree to maintain communication in a timely manner, to jointly determine the terms and conditions to resolve an order, if Force Majeure should be claimed.
After one (1) month of delay owing to a claim of Force Majeure, THE SELLER will be able to take the decision to cancel the order(s), in which case the customer would be fully reimbursed. 

If one or more provisions in these Terms and Conditions for Sales is deemed or declared invalid according to law, any relevant regulation, or after a final judgment as rendered by a court with jurisdiction, the other provisions will retain their scope and absolute validity.

Forgoing Contractual Obligations
If either party fails to notify the other of being unable to fulfill any obligation(s) listed in these General Terms and Conditions for Sales, said obligation(s) must be fulfilled. 

Applicable Legislation
These Terms and Conditions are subject to Spanish law, which applies to matters not covered in this contract regarding its interpretation, validity and implementation.
In the case of disputes or claims, the customer should first turn to THE SELLER in order to find an amicable solution.

Privacy and Data Protection
In compliance with the provisions stated in the law 15/1999 from December the 13th, on the Protection of Personal Data, the personal data supplied by the customer will form part of THE SELLER'S customer information files, with the aim of maintaining the contractual relationship, and, the control and management of sales and corresponding charges. The Seller shall treat such information with the utmost confidentiality, and agrees not to use it for a purpose other than that for which it was retained, and to keep it under appropriate security measures to ensure its safety and avoid it being changed, lost, or accessed by unauthorized parties. 

THE SELLER agrees to maintain confidentiality with regard to the aforementioned personal data, even after the contractual relationship has ended.

The customer authorizes THE SELLER to retain their data for a period of five years after the contract has ended.

The customer has the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by written communication addressed to THE SELLER, or through the website, under "My Account".

Any orders placed through THE SELLER'S online store imply the complete agreement on behalf of the customer, with the General Terms and Conditions for Sales of THE SELLER. 

These conditions of online sales are subject to Spanish law.

In case of litigation, jurisdiction is assigned to courts relevant to the head office of THE SELLER, even in cases of multiple defendants or an impleader.