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Circular adjustable backdrop stand for bean bag

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Circular adjustable backdrop stand for bean bag, formed by stainless steel, from 21 mm to 25 mm. The different parts of this product are coupled without the need for any type of screw, which makes it easier to assemble and disassemble.

We recommend using it together with our new bean bag 120 cm and doughnut bean bag, specially designed for this adjustable circular stand. This stand has not been designed for being uses with the bean bag 100 cm or bean bag 80 cm; If you already have a bean bag 100 cm and want to use it with this backdrop stand, we recommend you to purchase the circular backdrop stand pack - Model 3 (neither the bean bag 100 cm nor the bean bag 80 cm is suitable for being used alone, since they do not reach the minimum height of the stand).

In addition, we have a wide range of fabrics for the bean bag. Adjust them using clamps to avoid wrinkles and folds. We also have an extensive variety of positioning pillows and posing aids that will help you keep the baby well placed and safe.

Buy now your Circular adjustable backdrop stand, product designed and manufactured by Baby Photo Props, and get it to your in-location sessions. If you are looking for a square structure, fixed or adjustable, in this link you can find ours. We have the backdrop stand you are looking for! You will also find them as packs with different products.

Complement your studio with the amazing Baby Shusher or with the Sleeping Baby Play so that the little ones fall asleep right away.

»Tip! Get the backdrop stand with its matching bean bag. Get in here and have a look at the different packs we have prepared so you only have to choose the one that suits better to your needs.

How is this structure for the circular adjustable backdrop stand for bean bag?

The main features of this product are:

Backdrop stand: all tubes are stainless steel.

Backdrop stand: metallic grey.

Approximate measurements:
Backdrop stand:
  • Rear height: Minimum: 90 cm / Maximum: 130 cm.
    Front height: Minimum: 55.50 cm / Maximum: 95 cm.
    Side heights: Minimum: 73 cm / Maximum: 113 cm.
    Bottom outer diameter: between 110 cm and 114.50 cm.
    Upper outer diameter: between 110 cm and 116 cm.
This product stands out for:
  1. High strength: stainless steel tubes will not desert in the middle of the session.
  2. Its ease of transport and assembly: as no tools are needed to assemble it, it is ideal to be taken to the sessions at home and assemble it in a short time.
  3. Be adjustable: adjust the vertical tubes to your liking and find the height with which you are more comfortable going to work.

Note: each of the backdrop stand have been assembled up to twice in our warehouses to ensure maximum safety for the little ones.
Note: each of the pieces of this product has been created individually, so the endings of each of them may be different from the rest.
Assembling specifications: all tubes are numbered and must be assembled in ascending order for a best assembly. The arrows of the extendable tubes will go up. Once assembled, to regulate its height, we recommend disassembling the upper part, placing the adjustable tubes at the desired height and reassembling it.
Attention: this product ONLY INCLUDES THE CIRCULAR BACKDROP STAND. None of the other elements in the photos are sent.

You don't know how to assemble the frame? Along with your stand you will receive an assembly scheme to make it easier for you to prepare it. 

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Very sturdy , exactly as described.
Filipe F.