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Sleeping Baby Play

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This small device is a portable and compact player that emits melodies and organic sounds created and specially designed to remind the baby to stay in the mother's womb, as well as to relax and calm down. It contains both musical structures, developed in a professional study of ten years of work and research, such as the 'white noise' that helps newborn and babies falling asleep.

The melodies in the device last around ten minutes in a row; they change frequency, tone, structure and sound constantly to get well differentiated and effective sounds. Its effectiveness is based on hundreds of tests with babies (tests performed in hospitals, with midwives and breastfeeding groups).

The different sounds reproduced are:
      - Organic sounds: recreate or emulate those babies hear from inside the womb: heartbeats, breaths...
      - Environmental sounds: vehicle noise, melodies, domestic environment...

Some of the most important properties of this product are:
      - Easy to use, for all users. Simple, ergonomic and intuitive interface design.
      - It does not work with WI-FI, nor does it produce harmful emissions or heat. It does not contain any electrical connection, cable or charging points. All its components guarantee the safety of babies.
      - Limited to a maximum volume of 75 dB, to be able to place it near the baby.

Sleeping Baby Play complies with quality regulations and normatives. In addition, this product has been integrated into Estelar and Araprem, (Aragonese associations supporting premature children).

How is the Sleeping Baby Play?

Materials: different synthetic materials.

Colour: white, decorated in different aquamarine and blue tones.

Approximate measurements: 13 cm x 75 cm x 3,5 cm
Weight: 0,90 kg.

The different sounds that can be heard are: it contains six high quality melodies, designed by specialists and music therapists:
     White nose White noise
     - Pano bubbles Pano bubbles
     - Mama papa Mama papa
     - Safire Safires         
In uteroIn utero
     - Nana Nana

This product was the winner of the Semillero de Ideas del Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza in 2016.

Note: use quality alkaline batteries to ensure perfect operation of the device (3 AAA batteries - Not included. 1.5V 400mAh).
Note: Sleeping Baby Play is not a toy; it is designed to be close to the baby and must always be used under adult supervision.
IMPORTANT: for its return, the Sleeping Baby Play must be in its original packaging, sealed and without having been manipulated. Once opened, no return of this product will be accepted.

In the following videos you can see the Sleeping Baby Play in use:
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