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Bucket positioning, by Verónica Teban

I have been training photographers for years and one recurring question is how to use the bucket and what size it should be. So my intention with this post is to solve those doubts and make it easier for you to choose your bucket. I'm going to show you two different types of buckets and the features of each one so that you can choose which one is your favourite. In my video, I explain in detail the differences, properties, and tricks for positioning.
I love them. The baby is very well positioned and is comfortable. For this bucket, you have to be very sure about which filling you have to put inside. And the baby is in an upright position. 
Low buckets with wider mouths can be more comfortable if you are just starting out, as the place to put the baby in is larger and you will probably feel safer. These buckets are usually lower and the baby lies more flat inside. It can also be more versatile since it can also be used to position babies on their backs, or to place older babies in so that they can sit upright.
The only drawback is that if you have a very, very small baby to place, the bucket will look very large in proportion and the image will not be as balanced.
1. USE A BUCKET WITH A WIDE MOUTH: it will make you feel more safe simply because you know you have space to put the baby in and that will make you feel more confident.
2. PUT SOME WEIGHT INSIDE: many times you are afraid of the bucket falling over. Put a weight or a bag of rice to counterbalance the weight at the bottom of the bucket so that it is secure.
3. USE A SOAKING PAD AS A POSITIONING PILLOW: place the folded pad on the edge of the bucket as shown in the video. I use the excess of the pad inside to make a little slope where the baby's tummy rests.
4. THE PAPER TRICK: use a piece of paper to place the baby's head at the angle you want by tucking it under the positioning pillows. This way you don't need to have a wall in the back, as you can make it so that only a little part of floor is seen. This will make your image cleaner and improve your results.
5. USE THIS POSE TO TAKE AS MANY PHOTOS AS POSSIBLE: shoot from various angles, take advantage of this pose to take some macro shots of the eyelashes and lips. Change the babies' position by moving their hands and giving them a little cuddly toy to cuddle. Change the colour of the floor and the wrap of your set to give a different look to your photos without having to move the baby.
To be able to see subtitles in your language, you have to click on "settings". Then click on the arrow next to "Subtitles" and, in the "automatically generated" option, choose the language you prefer. 
If you want to learn more in detail how to position babies in buckets, I leave you my training where I explain in detail, with a real baby, everything you need to take into account to make a great session.
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