STUDIO BACKGROUNDS - Printed-under-request and express backgrounds

Easy to be installed, in the studio or for in-location sessions, backgrounds are one of the most requested products for photo sessions, both for newborn sessions and for sessions with babies, families, smash cake, communions... Our studio backgrounds are printed on opaque, matte and water resistant canvas, are very flexible and are ideal for hanging or laying on the floor.

  • Printed-under-request backgrounds: in a large number of different sizes and a multitude of models to create all the scenarios you can imagine.
  • Express backgrounds: if you need a background urgently or you simply do not want to wait for the term of production of the backgrounds on request, do not think about it anymore! We have two types of bakcgrounds: endless floor and floors, in different sizes.

This product is shipped rolled up on itself to avoid any eventual wrinkles. It can be easily transported rolled up; for this, you can use the tube or box in which we sent it.

NOTE: with the purchase of this product, you agree to have read the SPECIFIC CONDITIONS of our studio backgrounds.