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Positioning table AFI MAX

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Positioning table made of highly-resistant and safe stainless steel tubes. This product has been manufactured by Baby Photo Props for the best protection of babies and maximum comfort for the photographer. It is a folding table with two removable side wings that offer a wide shooting angle. In addition, it has a synthetic leather back flap to ensure safety; this flap is sewn to the mattress so that there is no gap between the two parts. 

In addition to the metal frame, this product includes a 6-cm high removable mattress in high quality synthetic leather with a hole for a positioning bowl. It also includes a set of four removable silicone wheels. It has side pockets for storing accessories, too. For added safety, the structure has a self-locking rear bar and 4 brackets on each of the legs. It has several stainless steel bars under the mattress. 
In addition, we have a wide range of fabrics for bean bag. Adjust them using the clamps to avoid creases and folds. We also have a wide range of posing pillows and posing aids to help you keep your baby securely positioned. If you are just starting out in the world of newborn photography, we invite you to visit our starter packs category, where you will find several models including this table.

This product includes:
     - Complete table.
     - Mattress with flap and hole for positioning bowl.
     - Two side pockets.
     - Two removable side wings.
     - Four removable silicone wheels.

Features of this positioning table are 
The main properties of this product are: 

     - Mattress: 
          - Cover: synthetic leather
          - Filling: foam.
     - Table: stainless steel.

     - Mattress: off-white.
     - Table: steel grey.

Approximate measures:
     - Mattress:
          - Base: 110 cm x 65 cm.
          - Hole: ø25 cm.
          - Height: 6 cm. 
     - Table:
          - Base: 115 cm x 68 cm.
          - Height of the base: 60 cm.
          - Height of the base with wheels: 66 cm.
          - Rear wing: 103 cm x 62 cm..
          - Side wings: 67 cm x 53 cm.
          - Total span: 243 cm.

This product stands out for: 
     - Foldable stainless steel frame.
     - Side wings for a wide shooting angle.
     - Comfortable 6-cm high quality synthetic leather mattress.
     - Rear safety flap.
     - Hole in the mattress for positioning bowl.
     - Removable high quality silicone wheels.
     - Side pockets for storage.
     - Self-locking safety bar plus 4 brackets.
     - Stainless steel safety bars under the mattress.

Note: each of the tables sold have been assembled up to twice in our warehouses to ensure maximum safety for the little ones. 
Note: each of the pieces of this product has been created individually, so the finishes of each of them may be different from the rest.
ASSEMBLY: You don't know how to assemble the table? Don't worry, together with all the pieces, you will receive an assembly diagram to make it easier for you to prepare it.