Express backgrounds


The backgrounds to be used with babies and newborns should be chosen very carefully. In fact, they are one of the most important elements in a photo session. There are several types, but Baby Photo Props has made a selection of the most used and they are ready to be shipped. You only need a few minutes to install them.

  • Opaque and water resistant.
  • Flexible product, ideal for hanging or placing on the floor.
  • Very limited units.

If you need a background urgently or you simply do not want to wait for the production period of the backgrounds under request, do not wait any longer! We have two kind: floors and endless floors in different measures:

  • Floors: 120 cm x 120 cm and 150 cm x 150 cm
  • Endless floors: 150 cm x 150 cm and 150 cm x 210 cm.

We have a wide range of studio backgrounds produced under production that may interest you as well. This product is shiped rolled up on itself to avoid any eventual wrinkles. Easy to install, both in the studio and for in-location sessions. It can be easily transported rolled up; for this, you can use the tube or box in which we sent it.