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Bed Hannah

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Bed Hannah

Rustic bed handmade with natural products. This product is ideal for in-studio sessions or for outdoor ones, both for newborns and for toddlers. Now, you just have to find the studio background that best suits your session, maybe some wool, a flokati or a blanket, and you can start taking amazing photos. With every new decoration, you will get a completely different session!

Attention: due to its measures, this bed is NOT to be used with our mattress.

How is this bed?

Material: wood.

Colour: brown, natural wooden colour.

Approximate measures of this product: 43 cm x 28 cm.
Sides height: 14 cm.
Head-board height: 28 cm.
Feet-board height : 23 cm.


Note: this product is handmade and the unit you will receive may be slightly different from the model in the photos. The different units of this model may have different coloured betas on wood, natural knots, marks or traces.
Attention: always protect babies from direct contact with these items. This product has been created with natural materials and it is possible that direct contact with the skin of babies can damage them. Never leave babies unattended. 
Attention: the colour of the product may vary slightly due to photographic lighting sources or monitor settings and calibration.
Important: keep in mind that this product is a prop element for photography and does not replace, in any case, a real piece of furniture.


Customer reviews
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It's a nice bed, perfect size an it seems totally stable. But the making isn't a good as I hoped for. There are chips and splinters all over it. And I know it's intentional, but the white paint on to of the foot and head board is way too strong - either put some of the white everywhere on the bed or nowhere. I buffed it off to the bear minimum and also smoothed the splinters and chips and this way I do love it.
M. K.