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The background I have received is not like the one in the picture

Please, keep in mind that each monitor is calibrated in a different way. And the colours may be slightly different in person. All our backgrounds pass a strict quality control before being shipped.

The printing of the background is done in CMYK and in the monitors the image is seen in RGB. For this reason, you may see the background somewhat different, although if there is any difference it is minimal and there is usually no problem. By buying a background, you accept these conditions. There will be no return of the background for this reason.

What measures do 'Floor and wall backgrouds' have?

The floor + wall backgrounds always maintain the same proportion, regardless of the background measurements. There are different measures available; you can choose the size you want from the drop-down menu that appears on the product. This backgrounds maintains a 1/3 of floor plus 2/3 of a wall.

For example, if you choose 210 cm in height, you will have 140 cm of wall and 70 cm of floor. And if you choose 300 cm in height, you will have 200 cm of wall and 100 cm of floor. The longest measurement always corresponds to the height and the shortest corresponds to the width of the background.

Can I return a background?

Backgrounds are printed upon request and, therefore, cannot be returned. Only the return of a background will be accepted if it has any imperfection or damage.

What material are backgrounds made of?

Studio backgrounds are printed on 500 g/m2 opaque and matt canvas, water resistant. Some background models can be used as a floor or as a wall and others, printed on the same canvas piece, include the floor and the wall.

How long does it take for the background to be ready?

The production time is from 3 to 5 business days. To this term, you have to add the normal shipment to the different destinations.

How the measures are expressed?

The measures of the studio backgrounds are always indicated in centimetres.

At the top of each one of the models, you will find a drop-down menu where you can choose the size that best suits your needs. If the measure you are looking for is not available, contact us and we will find a customised solution for you.